Tuesday, July 17, 2007

GAUS v 1.3 (now with Metasploit!)

I recently had a chance to spend a little quality time with Metasploit again. One of the first things I did, was attempt to update. However, using the msfupdate in default Gentoo package resulted in the following:

# msfupdate

[*] The msfupdate command is no longer supported, please use
Subversion to update your Framework installation.

Updating with Subversion:
$ cd framework-2.x/
$ svn update

So, I naturally decided that I needed to add a "module" to the Gentoo Auto-Update Script to keep my install automagically updated. However, I also remembered that Gentoo only ships a 2.X version of the framework (currently 2.7). On my box I have upgraded to 3.x of the Framework. So, the newest version of the GAUS script, version 1.3, now has the ability to first attempt to determine what version of the framework you are running, and then svn sync up to the newest build.

The GAUS script can be downloaded from Google Code. Please review the README.txt file for additional information.

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