Monday, October 22, 2007

Published! .... well, sorta

Last month I was contacted by a professor from a university in the midwest. He had run across my posting on DNS Best Practices and was requesting permission to include those in his course material. This material is being included in the curriculum for a Systems Administration class he teaches.

While this is both an honor and a privilege, the real kicker is that I am extremely jealous. I really wish that these sort of courses existed back in my college days. The closest thing available for me at the University of Houston where I majored in Physics, was an intro to computers they provided as part of my Physics major curriculum. We briefly learned about hardware (486 vs Pentium, ISA cards vs PCI, etc) and then we jumped into Mathematica and how we could use it to do our physics homework. Unfortunately, like many of my fellow UofH students that year, about the only thing I did learn was which computers could and could not effectively run the now classic Civ I game. ;)


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