Friday, October 12, 2007

Security Links - 10/12/2007

Just a few links for security related tools and sites that piqued my interested in the past few weeks.

EasyIDS - Installable IDS system based on CentOS. Includes a web GUI, snort, barnyard, ntop, etc.

SecureDVD - Bootable DVD containing 10 popular Security LiveCD distros. A bit dated as it still ships with BackTracks 1.0 - Great site that lists and tracks security related Linux distros.

Nipper - Fantastic little open source tool for auditing configurations of many network devices. Similiar to the Cisco Router Auditing Tool (RAT), but supporting so many more devices, including Juniper/Netscreen Firewalls.

Ruby on Rails Security Cheatsheet - Great list of security best practices for Ruby on Rails.

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