Monday, October 22, 2007

Security Links - 10/22/07

Just a few links for security related tools and sites that piqued my interested in the past few weeks.

Hashmaster - Have a tool or application that is encrypting data, but you are unsure what algorithm is being used? Pass your application a string to encrypt and then pass those tow values to Hashmaster. It will make compare the values and attempt to identify the algorithm in question.

HITB Presentations - All the presentations from last months HackInTheBox Security Conference in Malaysia have been posted and are available to download. Pretty interesting stuff. - By far, the best tool available for enumerating hosts via DNS. I had played with the very first version when it was announced, but had never bothered to follow up on subsequent releases. I recently downloaded and played with the most current version (0.9.9 - Beta) and was wholly impressed. A must have in any pen-testers toolbox.

Knoppix-NSM - A bootable LiveCD based on the popular Knoppix distro. This one has been customized to provide almost-instant NSM capabilities. Comes with Snort, BASE, Barnyard, ntop, and Squil. Was covered in this months copy of Information Security Mag.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

hashmater is only hashes not encryption algs

Wednesday, October 24, 2007 11:39:00 AM  

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