Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Security Links - 11/06/07

Serversniff.net - Fantastic little tool for auditing SSL. Easy way to test for the presence of SSL v2 and weak/export grade ciphers.

Hungry Machine - The guys over at Hungry Machine less show us how to quickly and effectively perform Geo-Locating by IP address in Ruby on Rails. Just goes to show that the 'net is alot less anonymous than people think. [For those that are unaware, IP address Geo-Locating is how adult friend finder always manages to display banner ads with lovely ladies from your present location! Now if only they could find a way to display a different set of women based on my location. I find it hard to believe that the exact same set of Caucasian women waiting for me in Arlington, VA are also patiently waiting for me when I travel to Bangkok, Thailand. ;) ]

ToorCon 2007 - Alot of the presentations are now available for download. (Hint: Click the [M])

Overlooked SQL Injection Techniques - Another presentation from ToorCon but not linked on their page. Great presentation that shows alot of often overlooked SQL Injection techniques.

The Bungling Sys Admin
- A coworker's blog. I think its good for us security folks to be reminded of what its like working down in the trenches and on the front lines. Also some fairly useful information there.

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