Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sawat Dee Krap! - (I Am Still Alive)

Sawat Deep Krap (Hello) from Thailand! I am alive and well here in Thailand. To the left, is a breathtaking view of my new home from the mountain top.

I have purposely taken a few months hiatus from blogging to settle into my new job and adjust to my new life 10,000 miles away. As of today, I plan to resume regular blogging activities. I've already got a few blogs written out on paper that I have been saving for some time now. :)

Over the next couple months, my blogs will start to examine some of the differences that exist between the security mindsets of the US and that of companies in south east Asia. The Monkey House blogs will also start to containing more view points from the system administrator and developer standpoints, as they relate to security. Think of this as more of a security view from "down in the trenches", which coincides with my new roles and responsibilities here with my new company. Stay tuned...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I sit on a bench at Foggy Bottom, shivering because my coat isn't thick enough for the weather I thought we'd deserve by now, I have to admit I'm jealous :)

Glad to hear your life has settled so smoothly.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 6:36:00 PM  

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