Monday, December 22, 2008

Blog Personality

I came across this post over on the Bungling Sys Admin Blog (does this mean this is a post about a post about a post about a post about a site??), that points to a tool called Typealyzer. This tool analyzes the writing style of your blog in an attempt to determine your personality type.

I let it analyze Monkey - House, and here is what it had to say about me:

INTJ - The Scientists

The long-range thinking and individualistic type. They are especially good at looking at almost anything and figuring out a way of improving it - often with a highly creative and imaginative touch. They are intellectually curious and daring, but might be pshysically hesitant to try new things.

The Scientists enjoy theoretical work that allows them to use their strong minds and bold creativity. Since they tend to be so abstract and theoretical in their communication they often have a problem communcating their visions to other people and need to learn patience and use conrete examples. Since they are extremly good at concentrating they often have no trouble working alone.

So, folks that know me, what do you think? Sound like me?


Blogger Sverre said...

spot on!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 4:23:00 AM  

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